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Sami M.Bashir

Manager & Assistant Chief Licensing Officer, Technology Transfer Office-KAUST


Sami has been working for over 15 years in technology and research commercialization, both, in industry and academia. Sami started his career working in industry R&D introducing advanced materials products to various markets of renewable energy, catalysis and coatings. After that he took a leadership role in industry R&D engaging in business growth activities related to licensing-in/-out of new technologies, venture merger and acquisition of new businesses. Sami, also, has successfully led industry-university consortia and projects to establish new products that can achieve EU regulatory targets in relation to emissions of toxic gases and renewable energy applications.

Sami, then, became responsible of the intellectual property (IP) strategy in major chemical industry as part of the corporate's function on Innovation & Strategy. In this role, he was responsible of IP protection and monetization, IP competitive positioning, and IP future market and industrialization.  

      Currently, in the Technology Transfer Office, Sami is managing commercialization of KAUST's IP portfolio with more focus on the area of physical science & engineering.

Sami has Masters in Law (LLM - Technology & Intellectual Property) from the University of Liverpool and PhD in Materials Nanochemistry from the University of Central Lancashire.

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