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Anatole Krattiger

Director, Global Challenges Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


‚ÄčAnatole deals with the intersection of IP and global health, climate change, and food security at WIPO. He begun his career as a farmer in Switzerland, has a BSC in agronomy, and an MPhil in plant breeding and a PhD in molecular genetics from Cambridge University.

He worked at one of the CGIAR centers, led ISAAA, a global non-profit broker of agbiotech for developing countries with a regional office in Los Banos, Philippines, served as Executive to the Humanitarian Board for Golden Rice, was Editor-in-Chief of the ipManagement Handbook ( and consulted widely at the crossroads of development, government, science, businesses, and philanthropy. As Adjunct Professor, he also teaches IP management at Cornell University.

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  • TuesdayApril 26
9:00 AM

Keynote Speech by Anatole Krattiger